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Some SLM 9.5 services do not start automatically after a server reboot

Question asked by carola.iberl Advocate on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by ester.memoli

Hi all,


Perhaps this information regarding SLM 9.5 may be helpful for those, who do a regular Snow server reboot.

I noticed that some of the Snow services cannot be started unless SnowNats is started.

Our servers do a regular reboot and so I saw these services were not running after the reboot and had to be started manually. Snow confirmed that behaviour, but I don't know when that dependencies will be implemented.


Therefore I created the dependencies by my own with the commands below.


sc config SnowLicenseManagerDataAccessService depend= SnowNats
sc config SnowLicenseManagerOffice365Service depend= SnowNats
sc config SnowLicensing depend= SnowNats

(Important: no space after depend and one space after = )


Perhaps that may be helpful for some of you.

It's no problem during SLM 9.5 installation. At the end of installation the services will be started in the correct order. For us it only was a problem after the server reboot.