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Unable to Import Licences

Question asked by GMSS on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by geoffrey.macquet

The simple fact is that on the front-end of SNOW, we are unable to import licences.


When using the import template provided by SNOW, we input all the details and begin to import it and none of the rows are highlighted (so no errors) we then press the next button and are presented with:


Could not import row. (index: [0])

Could not import row. (index: [1])

Could not import row. (index: [2])

Could not import row. (index: [3])

Could not import row. (index: [4])


0 row(s) imported successfully.


HOWEVER, if you take this same spreadsheet and import it via SMACC (server backend) then it imports without error yet does not show the imported data on the website frontend.


I have a ticket logged with SNOW support concerning this (CS0069201). 


To be as brutally honest and as pleasant about this as I can be, we want to get this product to work with us, the design is nice and it has a lot of features, but we've had that many issues/quirks with SNOW that both I and SNOW supports seem to have taken turns in fixing, that we just feel like throwing it in the bin...


Please can someone help tell me how this is possible?


Version: SLM 9.4