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Detecting "New" Applications

Question asked by Craig Moss Advocate on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by rswain

I would like to be able to easily detect when a new application is installed on the network (not just a new installation in general). This would be extremely useful for picking up on unauthorised installations wherein a user may somehow circumvent policies that are in place. This would provide visibility at an early stage of any such occurrence helping to maintain compliance more effectively.


I am aware of the report for new installations however that includes installations of applications that already exist in our database. This feature is not really suitable for what I am trying to do. We also have a large application base which would make using the installation report a very manual task as I would have to run a report, filter it and try to investigate which applications are actually "new".


Does anyone have a method they use for picking up on new applications? Am I missing a trick here? I have been using Snow every day for the past 2 years so if I have missed something simple I'm going to kick myself...




(btw we're using SLM8)