SCVMM and low bandwidth network

Discussion created by Samuel on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by geoffrey.macquet

Just a quick tip on the use of the Hyper-V connector (based on SCVMM data).

We realized that under some circumstances, the SCVMM server reports servers as "Host Not Responding".

According to a preliminary investigation, it seems to be in cases where the network suffers from a low bandwidth.

(More to read about this in this thread: Servers Missing from Win Server assessment report)

This is a problem when using the Snow reports for Windows Server License assessment because this report only seems to consider the VMs that have a standard "Power State" meaning a clear On or Off.

You can check if you face this SCVMM issue by running the following command in SQL:

SELECT * FROM tblInventoryVirtualMachines

WHERE PowerState = 'Host Not Responding'

If it brings any record, then you can check that the Windows Server Assessment report might be giving a wrong "Peak Running Windows VMs" value. Although it is not in itself a Snow bug, if this value brings you down to a lower tier of Windows Server license requirement, then Snow will indicate a requirement inferior to the real requirement. You may want to fix it.

A solution that we have successfully implemented as a workaround to this SCVMM issue is to check if the VMs have sent in a snowpack file recently (Last Scanned Date less than 48h ago to account for 1 agent scan every 24h + 1 DUJ every 24h = 48h maximum). If a snowpack file was received, we consider that the VM is actually running. So we implemented a pre-DUJ custom step to fix the Power State for those specific VMs using the following SQL code:

UPDATE tblInventoryVirtualMachines
SET PowerState = 'Running', OverallStatus = 'Running'
WHERE MachineID IN (
 SELECT MachineID FROM tblInventoryVirtualMachines tivm
 INNER JOIN tblComputer tc on tc.ComputerID = tivm.ComputerID
 WHERE tivm.PowerState = 'Host Not Responding'
 AND DATEDIFF(DAY,tc.LastScanDate,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) <= 2 --48h: DUJ max 24h old + snowpack sent max 24h before DUJ