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How do I know if the Windows Snow Agent 6.3.0x64.msi is set to uninstall old inventory client?

Question asked by ChrisJ on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by ChrisJ

Hello Snow!


I requested from Support to provide the latest Windows agent with setting "Overwrite/uninstall old version" to ACTIVE. However, the agent is not uninstalling the old client. I am not sure if the support person activated this option. As I recall my time at Snow, it was a checkbox you selected in the agent packager UI. Unfortunately, support will neither confirm or deny this setting is active and I have asked for this agent configuration 3 times. All 3 times have failed to uninstall.


Is there something I can identify myself that indicates the new Snow agent is set to uninstall the old? Is there a log file or system event that displays it made an attempt? During the new Agent install, there was no message that the old version was uninstalled or an error was encountered. Should there be? Any direction here is much appreciated.


ALSO...due to the circumstances described previously, I have requested the "client delete" script. I sort of got an impression the support person was unfamiliar with this. Can someone in the EU send me this? As I recall there was a VBS or PS script.  Would this his link below represent the lastest and most effective method?? Do I encapsulate this script into a PowerShell file?


Any recommendations to run via GPO or SCCM? Google tells me I can run as below. Any other examples based on past requests? 


Again, your expert guidance is always appreciated. Thank you.


Christopher Jung

Anglepoint- (Snow Partner)