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Optimum configuration for SLM Licensing Service

Question asked by GaganSingh2 on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by carola.iberl

Dear Friends,


This is query regarding Snow Licensing Service (Recalculate Compliance) on Snow SPE Platforms or hosted platform.


What have been observed that this service engages Snow LM DB and results in performance degradation. Snow SLM web application sometime gets unresponsive and also throws Page cannot be displayed error message in browser.


We have to stop this service to bring application back in decent state.


This was the setting I have kept now for Snow Licensing service in config file

compliance useLocalSettings="false" batchSize="20000" connectionTimeout="00:30:00" parallelBatches="8"


and I changed it to :

compliance useLocalSettings="false" batchSize="5000" connectionTimeout="00:30:00" parallelBatches="2"


This service is scheduled to run daily once.


What i can see now it is progressing slow with compliance calculation for each CID, and if i increase the Batch Size or parallel batches this puts lot of overhead during run and SLM application gets unstable.


**Snow Server specs (hardware & software) are up to mark. Current version is SLM 9.4.01


Kindly suggest if there is any means we can set optimal settings.



Gagan Singh