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Experiences with current Snow License Manager Version?

Question asked by LarsReifegerste Advocate on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by LarsReifegerste

We all know that: A new Snow Version is released and your fingers are tingling - you want to install the update but you don't know if everything still works afterwards.

This thread is meant to share experiences about current Snow versions.

Which problems have occurred with the update and ran the first DataUpdateJob.


Snow License Manager 9.5.1


Has anyone already installed version 9.5.1 and noticed any problems?


Very important

O365 Technical Description for SLM Update 9.5.1



Problems after the Update to 9.5.1


SLM 9.5.1 upgrade - services won't start 

SLM 9.5.1 Applications not available or incomplete

SLM 9.5.1 Unable to access the link for the Office 365 update

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