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Duplicate objects in SLM

Question asked by marius.breistrand on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by roger.jud1



Have any one else discovered that there are duplicates values in License Manager? We are running SLM 9.4.1/9.5.1 on several of our customers and the results are the same: With ex Azure Discovery, there are duplicates in the report "Cloud servers that are not inventoried". This is also replicated in the view Computers - Search for computers. 


Snow is working on a hot fix that is addressing this issue, but not yet come up with a date for release. As far as I know, the first discovery of this bug was back on SLM version 9.3.x


The issue is on both SPE environments as well as on-prem installations of Snow. The issue still stands with the new SIM version 5.18