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Configuration of Parameters for Workflow

Question asked by Achmed on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by tony.langlet

New Systems Admin Questions that I'm struggling with.


I am having some problems with Parameters and parsing them to Activities. (and I'm relatively new - so it's likely just me, but I can't find the info in the help document)


1. I created a Web-Service that returns a list of a users' direct reports in Active Directory, This works amazingly to populate a drop down list, and I can use the values it pulls in to populate other parameters in the workflow.


But when those parameters are used to call a script in an activity - It seems one of the values (despite the Parameter logs saying otherwise) doesn't get passed. - In my script during troubleshooting I have output the values to a text file and the key required parameter doesn't have a value. 


2. When setting a Parameter to Autocomplete - it never seems like it doesn't have a value to look up.

(For future search [and people stuck where I am] - I fixed this - When configuring the Webservice - the value of the parameter should be "{0}" without the quotation marks.)