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Office365 user linking issue

Question asked by marius.breistrand on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by Morgado



Has anyone a new installation of Snow License Manager running version 9.5.1 and then have setup the Office365 connector?


We have a case where linking of users is not happening (Ticket nr: CS0071773) . It looks like SLM 9.5.1 are looking for a migration to take place, but when there are no data from Office365 prior to the SLM 9.5.1 version, the data is put directly in to the new database under Eventstore (O365). 


Data is imported as usual, no error in the logs and the active directory discovery is running fine. 


Snow support is looking into the issue, but I see there are several cases of O365 trouble regarding this version and start to think that there are some serious bugs in the latest versions where some scenarios haven't been counted for.