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SNOW OMO consumption

Question asked by Bhagwat on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Bhagwat

Hi all,


We are using SLM 8.3.11 and I have a query regarding OMO(Oracle Management Option) consumption.

In our environment there are primary and standby servers installed on AIX machines. Oracle DB is installed on the server using PDB(Plugged DB) and CDN(Container DB) architecture but currently there is 1:1 mapping for CDB-PDB.

Ideally when a device access and DB then only 1 instance should be created with PDB on server but our SLM is showing 2 instances 1 is with PDB and other is with CDB which is not correct. 

So if a primary server has 1 standby server then ideally I am expecting max 2 instances as following.

Instance->PDB->Primary server

Instance->PDB->Standby server

But SLM is showing 4 instances following.

Instance->PDB->Primary server

Instance->CDB->Primary server

Instance->PDB->Standby server

Instance->CDB->Standby server

So I believe SLM is consuming double OMO licenses. I checked with Snow support as well but as per then SLM is following this architecture only which might be change in future releases.

Please assist me on this as it is affecting the license cost.