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Application Family View | Summary Cost Options

Question asked by Shazberry on Jan 22, 2020

Hi SnowPeeps,

I want to product some intelligence for Decision Makers at renewal time.  Doing as little work as possible I want to be able to use the data and screenshots from Snow to support their decisions.


Currently, I use 4 data sets to build a picture

  1. Upcoming Renewal Report (using standard reports with additional columns)
  2. Available License Report (using standard reports that shows Total Lic; Coverage; Lic Req; Compliance; Unused)
  3. Usage Report (using standard reports that shows App; App Family; Metric; Last Used; Run; Lic Required; Installed)
  4. Application Family View (I take a screenshot)
    1. Graph - useful to have a graphic with versions in the environment
    2. Summary
      1. Total license cost - *i don't find useful and nor do my clients.  Total shows them "Total license purchase + Total maintenance cost + Total support cost" for all periods.  So it is an ever-increasing number over the years that do not allow them to get a grip close to the individual license cost.



Do others think it would be more useful to understand the Average cost of the license so that as a Decision Maker gets more of a feel for the application and its cost?


Keen to hear arguments either way.



p.s I tried to create a Poll but was not able to add a Location so would not let me save. stink.