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Create New Maintenance Cost

Question asked by Morgado on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Morgado

Hi Snowers,


Trying for months to get a solution for this but no luck yet.


I have thousands of licenses that have only one period of maintenance cost but with new agreement period already in place we must add for every single license a new maintenance cost. The problem is that doing this manually will take weeks and of course there is a big possibility of typos.

Re-adding the licenses shouldn't be part of the solution as they have custom fields, assignments, attachments, etc.

Making the license "According to the agreement" would erase the old periods maintenance costs and anyway we would need to insert one by one, period by period costs.


Any chance we could add this info in bulk based on tblLicense and tblMaintenance SQL tables?

In terms of fields we are speaking probably about LicenseID, Period from\to, upgrade rights = yes and Maintenance Cost.



Thanks a lot for your inputs.