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App not complian in App Family but each App is compliant by itself

Question asked by tims on Jan 27, 2020
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currently I am checking Microsoft Office for compliance.

Within the application family 'Microsoft Office' the graph for older versions shows an incompatibility of 50 % missing licenses. In this case only one license is missing.

Fortunatelly there are only two older application installations. 


Having a closer look which application is not compliant I see we've got one Office Professional 2000 and one installation Office 2003 Professional

I haven't found any possibility to see which application is not covered.

Question 1: How am I able to see which application is not compliant when I have a look to the red bar in the summary graph?


We've got several Office 2010 licenses when can downgrade to Office 2003:


Having a look to each application gives me the following compliance for each applciation.

Compliance recalculation have been done already.


We've got some old Microsoft Office 2000 Professional licenses which are fine:

The one Microsoft Office 2003 installation is also licensed well by getting one dowgraded license (from 2010):

This seems to work well, too.

Ich can see one Microsoft Office 2010 license has been downgraded to an older version:

Consequently only Office 2000 and 2003 are installed therefore the bar schould be green allover!

Question 2: Is there a possibility to see the target version which has received the downgraded licenses?

Question 3: Why does the bar show an uncompliance red part?


Thank you for your help.