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Microsoft Office 365 licensing

Question asked by PrateekSri on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Antinea.Mboyo-Erangah1



I am looking at Microsoft Office 365 tab on my SLM. I understand that the data here is coming from Microsoft O365 portal. But I am quite confused . My query is related to Office 365 E3.


On the first page of Microsoft Office 365 page on SLM, I found 1874 users under "Total Users". Scrolling down this page, Microsoft Office 365 E3 users are 245.

When I jump to "Assigned Subscription" tab, I can see 26,366 assigned subscriptions, out of 26,266 Total subscriptions hence, 140 over assignment.


1. My query is: Does Snow mean only 245 users are using Office 365 E3 ?


2. What does 26,366 refer to? Assigned Subscriptions are number of licenses assigned to users, right ?


I hope I clearly explained my query!!

Thanks in advance.