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Changes to the MS Office 2010 Visio detection

Question asked by Samuel on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by carola.iberl

Hi all,

On January 8, 2020, the detection rules for MS Office 2010 Visio were updated in a way that does not make much sense to me: The application is now a bundle (when anyone would expect an application Group) containing an edition-less equivalent application:


I asked Snow Support and I was answered that I now need to add a script (snow-ps1) to have it fixed.


This is a bit annoying because snow-ps1 scripts are among the least practical features to handle/manage/update: In the SMACC, you cannot see a list of the computers that have a given script, let alone a specific version of the script. Plus this adds an extra layer of pain in case you use the custom encryption key ... which is, between us, one of the least secure implementation I have ever seen.


Second annoyance, this change has not been advertized as far as I know but now it leads to misleading information on SLM. "First discovered" dates are now all wrong, plus applications are listed twice in reports:

In case this change in the rules was really needed, I still don't get why the other Office applications are not following the same weird detection pattern.

Is anyone experiencing the same? Do you see that as a problem?