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Inventory of Adobe Acrobat DC Standard and Professional

Question asked by alexander.butzlaff Advocate on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by rswain

Hi all,


In SLM I have a number of installations for an application called Adobe Acrobat DC. On the other hand I have licenses for both Acrobat DC Standard and Professional. These have separate corresponding applications. Problem: All three applications in SLM are identified via Acrobat.exe so that there is no separation on program file level:

So I know that with the Acrobat DC applications can be matched to the repsective licenses only by the Software identification tags (SWIDs), which comes from the registry as documented here: Identifying Existing Installs — Enterprise Administration Guide 


I had a look into the Software Recognition Service and found the following applications:

The application highlighted is the one which show a license need in SLM but this is of no use to me since I need to differentiate between a Professional installation and a Standard installation. For the applications Adobe Acrobat DC Professional/Standard (SWID) there are some rules, however no hits for these.

Plus, I cannot determine why these SWID-applications are grayed out. In any case I am not able edit existing rules or add new ones.


Do any of you have experience with representing these applications and their respective licenses in SRS/SLM and can provide best practises?


Thank you,