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Agreements and Licenses.  Can someone assist with applying licenses linked to agreements without the license cost multiplying.

Question asked by Creditsafers on Sep 14, 2017

I want to track my SNOW license entitlement in SNOW from the outset of purchasing SNOW License Manager.

So how many licenses do I consume within each years agreement so that I can track business growth.

However,  if I add in a value then need to change it, it remembers the old value as a maintenance cost and then adds it to the total license cost.

I am sure this cannot be resolved by typing and really needs some sort of real time telephone support.


I have a Master Agreement set up for this and underneath this are the sub-agreements.

Each sub-agreement is in place to track each years SNOW License Renewal.

Within each year is the annual license purchase plus any additional permanent or temporary license purchases.


I can be contacted on +44 7392 198905


Many thanks