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Agreements - some enhancements

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by dschigt

I believe that agreements are critical to the day to day business of license management and it is crucial to ensure that the agreements are up to date as far as possible.  As someone old enough to remember using ledgers and a diary for reminders for renewals of items, which was labour intensive and so having this electronically arranged is a blessing.


A few things I have been looking at:


First - I have reviewed all of the agreements that were in Snow and one frustration was not being able to quickly see the expiry date unless you drill down into the agreement:



To resolve that, I added a custom field called "Date of Expiry":


This at least enables a quick review but the downside is that needs maintenance & updating.  I think that this needs a review and possibly adding as a normal display field?


Second - you have a Purchase Order (PO) details but need to match to an agreement, however there is no Purchase Order area and I have again added a custom field.  This at least enables me to produce a report in Excel and search for the PO that way.  I think this needs review as well?


Third - some agreements will lapse as no longer required but those will still show as Expired.  I would prefer to be able to mark them as "known expired" and easily indentify those that have been overlooked.  This will reduce effort and a simple tick box in the agreement would surfice.  I have some 230 expired agreements but in truth, only 100 are for review.  Again something for review?


I would welcome comments and suggestions.