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Software & Maintenance renewals

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Sep 15, 2017
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I was asked some time ago what I had put in place for Software & Maintenance renewals and promised to post it here.  This is the basic instructions sent out for the renewals and is in a simplified format (the more complex and the more ignored it will be)


This is posted on a web page:



The Snow system triggers reminders for subscriptions and maintenance 90/60/30/7 Days before expiry and as it expires.

What should happen is use the time to ensure that we are maximising the use of the application/product or support:

On 90th day reminder 

  • Review current license position:
    • Compare against overall use 
    • If underutilised – reduce licenses
    • If over utilised – look to reduce use or increase licenses
    • Confirm that license compliance is achieved
    • Look to achieve license optimisation
  • Look to co-term renewals for same vendor. 
  • Engage with and negotiate with vendors on costs for multiple agreements.
  • Report any imbalances & non-compliance to Software Asset Manager.

This should then form the basis for the decision on renewal, increase or decrease and any purchase requirements.

On 60/30/7 Day reminder

If not already started, follow the process outlined for the 90th day reminder.

On Expiry reminder

Confirm that this has expired and that a renewal is not required.  If this is required, follow the process outlined under 90th Day reminder.

What not to do

Avoid the following:

  1.  Doing nothing or assuming that this is underway - always check.
  2.   Do not wait for the quote or the invoice from the vendor.
  3.   Do not ignore the details in the quote, the costs or totals.

What you should do

Where possible always:

  1.  Use the 90th day reminder as a trigger for the renewal.
  2.   Review the costs - can those be negotiated down?
  3.   Review the details in the quote and invoice - do they match our records?
  4.   Look for consolidation, co-terming and optimisation of resources/licenses.
  5.   Look for any changes in Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) AND
  6.   If required, have the legal team review the new T&Cs.


If some can make use of this, good and if others have suggestions/improvements, even better.