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Snowboard widgets displaying out of date data

Question asked by mark.potts Employee on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by mark.potts

I have noticed that a number of the widgets included in my custom Snowboard are displaying stale data, we recently imported data from another inventory system using the SIM, and then deleted some of those computers, however the counts in the snowboard widgets for example Platform Summary still appear to include the computers that we have deleted.  I am not sure if this will also be the case for computers we are archiving or deleting as part of our ITAM process, but my guess would be that it would.


Does anyone know how I can force the data behind these widgets to refresh.


p.s. I have already tried the "clear temporary cache memory" option under Administration, as well as clearing my browser history, restarting IIS on the server, the data update job has run a number of times.  I have tried a few other things as well. 


I have also logged this is a support call, but wondering if anyone out there has a fix for it while I am waiting.