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SIM 5.4.1 - SCCM Connector on SCCM2016 rejects clients

Question asked by stefan.libiseller Advocate on Sep 28, 2017
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I've tried to connect a SCCM 2016 (Version 1702) database to my SIM 5.4.1 - all pre-requisites have been configured.

  • Integrated authentication has to be used, domain user is provided
  • Service account is configured for the External Data Provider service (and can access the DB according to the logs)
  • SCCM best practises according to the respective Snow papers are set in SCCM
  • Preview in SIM works fine, Inventory Provider log is fine


However, I end up with the imported computers being logged in <SIM path>\RejectedClients. No .snowpack files are created/transferred.

Log files in the RejectedClients folder look like this:


2017-09-28 [5] [SoftwareEntity] Name is null or empty.
2017-09-28 [6] [NetworkAdapterEntity] IpAddress is null.
2017-09-28 [6] [NetworkAdapterEntity] MacAddress is null.


In SCCM GUI, it seems that there is one MAC address present for the system.


Any hints on how to further troubleshoot this issue?

I'm aware that the SCCM version in place is pretty new and not yet on the current support matrix, only a previous version (1606) is. As we are accessing the database here, and the structure there has not changed in 1702, I *assume* that this is not causing the issue above.


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