Microsoft Changes Visio Licenisng Options

Discussion created by SAMBeastDavid Advocate on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Rory Canavan

As of the 1st October, Microsoft now allows customers to purchase Visio Online Plan 1 and Visio Online Plan 2, rather than the Visio Pro for O365 option.

Visio Online Plan 1 is a very watered down version of Visio, that simply allows the creation of process flows and the ability to use the app on up to 5 devices. Considerably cheaper than VOP2.

Visio Online Plan 2 is the 'Pro' version that basically allows you to do anything and everything with Visio. This includes co-authoring, creating, saving and sharing custom Visio templates and integration with PowerPoint of presentation purposes.

Now, the challenge for SAM Managers is which version do your users really need? We've started the process of User Profiling our Visio users already to switch some from Plan 2 (default if you have Visio Pro for O365) to Plan 1 as they only need the ability to create Visio flows.

If you're a big Visio house, it's certainly worth doing  a bit of investigation work so you can save a bit of money on your next EA renewal or anniversary!