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Definition of Run

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by jelle.wijndelts2

This may at first glance appear to be a stupid question but I am trying to counter some arguments from one location and ensure that we are all in agreement.


I have looked in the Web User Guide and cannot find any fuller definitions for the following when reporting:


·         Run

·         Per run (hh:mm) – this is part of the argument

·         Per day (hh:mm) – this is part of the argument

·         Total time (days:hh:mm)


Web User guide does show: APPLICATIONS TAB

The Applications tab shows a list of all applications installed on the computer

An arrow to the left of the application name in the list is available for all applications with

registered usage. Click the arrow to expand a list of users that have used this application on the

specific computer. The following usage is registered per user:

Last used: The last date and point of time when the application was used on the computer.

Run: How many times the application has been executed on the computer.

Total time: Total application usage displayed in days, hours, and minutes.


To give a specific instance:


  • Application AutoCAD Civil 3D Network License
  • Run  1,746
  • Per run (hh:mm)  00:24
  • Per day (hh:mm)  08:07
  • Total time (days:hh:mm)  29:10:22


This is read as in use all of the time Per day (hh:mm)  08:07 but Per run (hh:mm)  00:24.  This is where we fail to agree.  Has anyone else run into such situations and how have they extracted themselves from it?


Does the Web User Guide need a specific section on this?


Welcome any input