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Int32 Overflow Errors in SLM SMACC

Question asked by jharrison Advocate on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by DavidHobbs

Hi all,


For quite some time now I've struggled with Int32 overflow errors throughout the Snow License Manager SMACC:



I guess at some point the SoftwareChecksum value was stored as an Int32 (int) and they are now stored as Int64 (bigint). However, not all references to the SoftwareChecksum have been updated to Int64. The result is that many actions result in overflow errors. This makes a number of features unusable, for example:

  • Hide uninventoried software
  • Show hidden software
  • Preview Rule creation
  • Any time you click an application and it displays the rules this error is thrown, although it doesn't stop that feature from working


I've known this issue to exist for at least 9 months. It seems to stop many features from working, and yet seems like such a simple fix. Does anyone else suffer from these errors?