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Report for software harvesting!

Question asked by arbleb Advocate on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by marc.farmen

How are you harvesting/recycling software?


More specifically, how are you getting the report from Snow?


Typically I find a report that gets me close to what I want, then filter the heck out of it.


However, in this case, I can only find an "unused" software report, that only gets me 1/2 way home.


I need a report that shows me "unused" for a specific software title along with a list of computers that haven't used that software title in X days.  Oh - and make sure the Snow client has been on for at least Y days (so the "unused" software doesn't incorrectly identify a new computer as not using the software).  In other words, if I just got the computer last week, don't uninstall Visio on me because I haven't launched it yet.


Right now, I go to the Application, to the Computer tab.  Filter by date used, right-click and export.

Then I go to All Computers and Export.

The do some VLOOKUP in Excel to get the client install date over to the application tab to come up with a list of software that is unused.


I feel like a much easier answer is waiting for me in the Reports section somewhere that I can't find!