Edition names not in English

Discussion created by DavidHobbs Advocate on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Oliver.Berger

This is something worth keeping in mind if you are requesting SRS for non-English software...


We use an application which is available in two editions, roughly translated as "enterprise" and "standard" editions.  However, this is not an English piece of software, so the edition names don't use the Latin (English) alphabet.  We submitted the application to Snow Support for SRS and were hoping to see recognition rules for both editions.  These editions use the same executable, so Snow would need to recognise them based on registry entries.


However, in this situation Snow is not able to detect the two editions.  Snow support explained: "we can only pre-define editions on alphabetical characters a-z".


I am assuming that "alphabetical characters a-z" means the Latin (or English alphabet). But if anybody has a more accurate understanding, then please let me know.