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Populating a Custom field using AD data

Question asked by harry.mansell Advocate on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Oliver.Berger

Hey All,


I've another question around Custom Fields, I've set up a Custom field called "Active Directory Description" which is populated via a Powershell script linking into the Web Configurator to import the data that the script gets from Active Directory.


Now the problem i seem to have come across is that, the custom field is filled correctly for 1084 out of 1831, the ones that i am struggling with when i go into them i can see that the custom field has added to them automatically, now i thought to myself well realistically i want these fields to become mandatory, but looking through the guides if i add this custom field as mandatory i then have to enter a value which from testing if i enter anything will not be overwritten.


Can i use wildcards or is there another way to automatically add this to all computers?