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Is there a simple resource to managing OU entities in SLM

Question asked by Mikko.Summala on Oct 24, 2017
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Many users will find bulk loading of Agreements and Licenses very helpful and time saving, but it is often a matter of trial and error rather than an educated and well planned exercise.


Whilst most of the fields are well commented in the best practice documents, I find that organisational structure (OU) is a rather vague entity, and is poorly managed in most client environments. Whilst many might be tempted to replicate the Active Directory structure (which itself can be outdated) more thought should be given to a appropriate OU structure in terms of company setup and requirement from your key software vendors (microsoft, oracle, sap, adobe, autodesk et al.) - for example Autodesk licenses require to be attached to a legal entity and a country/region to be compliant with their licensing agreement rules. If this is not done correctly all subsequent compliance figures are worthless.


Two simple questions:

  1. Are there any good and simple resources that explain planning and setting up OU structures in slm?
  2. Is there a simple guideline for syntax for the upload templates to use?


All resources and user comments welcome!


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