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How to exclude certain applications on certain devices? Also similar to BYOD

Question asked by ksungay Advocate on Oct 26, 2017
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Hello boys and girls,


I'd like to know if you could exclude certain applications on certain devices for compliance calculations?


So currently, my company has a Data Center(DC) with applications installed on them. Thats cool. The issue comes in that we have a couple of vendors that have infrastructure (in their own DC) that some licenses are owned by my company. *SLM can pick the servers.


So as a true example, they have a number of servers were they just provide the infrastructure and the platform (OS), and whatever else is installed belongs to us. One of that is windows server 2013. We have a non-compliance of -8 at the moment, and that 8 licenses belong to the vendor. They pay for it and have the license.


Just to note, i dont want to remove windows server 2013 from my compliance calculations. I want a report on it. But i want to exclude the servers that belong to the vendor only. This application is one of many that is in this situation and I'd like to know how to exclude it from SLM? *Almost like a: If device xyz and abc has windows server 2013, exclude this from compliance calculations.


This is also similar to BYOD. If a user brings his own laptop/notebook to work, how do we exclude some applications from compliance calculations? (like games, personal onedrive/dropbox, personal Visio etc)