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Dealing with Europe privacy laws

Question asked by ksungay Advocate on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by ksungay

Hi Snow Community,


Has anybody here dealing with privacy laws of Europe (Especially Germany)?


So we got quite a number of offices across Europe, we being a non-European company and HQ based outside Europe. I spoke to our German counterparts and they have a few issues with Snow License Manager. They are not happy with the "user logon count and last logon date" as well as "time or how long usage per application".


Has anyone here having to deal with these? How do you cater for this?


One suggestion we came up with was "### " hashing these out (by configuring the agent)? Is this the best way? or do you have any Snow best practices for dealing with this?


We got to present this soon to works council on a possible solution.