Concurrent period setting for Autodesk licenses

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This is another interesting topic for SAM managers think about, discuss and communicate within their own organisations - what is the best way to set the measuring period for Concurrent users for autodesk (or any other vendor's concurrent license usage for that matter), and what impact does it have on reported compliance?


Here's an original question from sara.almanza at Snow USA, trying to find answers for her clients and colleagues:

I received a question from our customer regarding best practices on the Period setting for network licenses.  Do you suggest they leave the system default of current month? Or do you suggest that they change the setting to a longer period? If changing the metering, do you see that customers receive the highest usage  over that period as their license requirement? We seem to be getting different results and wanted to ensure we’re reading this correctly. 


You can set the measurement period in License information settings


License information screen including metric and period settings

The correct answer is: 

It depends… whether you’re looking to “optimize” license count or provide a reliable service for end users.  

  • the shorter the interval the better the “compliance factor”
  • longer period reflects the total number of users
  • neither will give an actual “peak” usage figure nor service denial threshold


The results will vary day to day also depending on how the applications are used, hence the compliance for any concurrent usage should be considered only as an indicator.


As a starting point I would leave it at default as the same as your other concurrent metric intervals, but look to have it at the shorter end (week/month) and learn how the usage varies in your part of the organization. This will give you valuable information of user and application behavior that you might otherwise not get and understand. Most SAM manager are not Autodesk specialists and many Autodesk related license renewals and installations are often done by engineers or designers who work with the applications - and have admin access to Autodesk's online license management portal.


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