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List all devices based on certain layout in Computer/device name

Question asked by RvdWoerd Advocate on Nov 1, 2017
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How can I list all devices that comply or even don't comply to a certain set of layout rules for the computer/device name.

Our standard naming convention for computers has layout YY-0#0-#### of YY-######. Eg. 11-020-2125 of 15-010712


Now I want to list all devices that does not comply to this layout convention. Is that possible?


I want this because we see a lot of devices (owned and not-owned bij AMC) but they all can acces our Virtual environment form home, or smartphone or .... For a lot of them these devices are a kind of BYOD for which I don't have to pay a license fee per device to Snow. They also don't have a Snow-agent running.