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Discussion created by Steve85 on Nov 7, 2017
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So I'm the new kid on the block. I've spend the past 6 months to a year trying to get my head around Service Asset & Configuration Management, headed up an Adobe and a Microsoft annual true up, attended 2 Snow Storms, and passed an ITAM Foundation course. I started out as the kid sitting in the cinema gawking at the amazing images being displayed on the huge screen in front of me, and have ended up as the teenager trying a virtual reality headset for the first time and being in complete awe of the new world in front of me filled with endless options and possibilities to explore. Of course I'm talking about the world of SAM.

I can liken reaching this point to the matrix movie where Neo begins to see everything in binary and the world around him seems to make sense. In ECC I can see the ins and outs of our department, who uses which software and how, the way everything integrates which each other, and most importantly I see the why behind the way we do things. Extend this to the realm of ITAM and I begin to see every department and how things fit together. Each floor has different connectors, each process overlaps another, the ITAM lifecycle showing up in different stages on each piece of hardware, software, mobile device, etc.

Not wanting to run before I can walk though, I'll stick to SAM and make sure I make it my own in this organisation. There are definitely improvements to be made and I'm excited to be the one heading it up. I've struggled with finding my 'passion' or 'career path' previously and nothing really fit the missing piece of the jigsaw, however I can say now I've found that piece and now I can sit back and enjoy the efforts of putting everything together ready to move on to another project whether it be licence harvesting, improving the CMDB or software categorisation.

I'm going to capture my journey here including my thoughts, challenges, failures and successes. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated. Will keep you updated


(will publish this in a blog, if it becomes available!)