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Explanation of SLM SMACC configuration: METERING_HISTORY_CLEANUP

Question asked by tempdeall Advocate on Nov 9, 2017

METERING_HISTORY_CLEANUP Clear the metering history in Snow Inventory. All metering data older than the number of months specified by METERING_HISTORY_MONTHS is removed from the Snow Inventory database. Older statistics etc. are still available in SLM.

  1. What is covered in the definition of "metering data" -> is it all software applications data?
  2. Are the "statistics" visible in SLM (the web application) even though it's removed from the inventory database?
  3. How is this data cleaned up from the SLM database?


METERING_HISTORY_MONTHS Number of months of historical software metering to
take into account when transferring inventory data.

  1. In what table is this saved for the inventory database?
  2. In what table is this saved for the SLM database?


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