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Discussion created by Dennis.Smith Employee on Nov 13, 2017
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Welcome to the Snow Globe “Ask Snow” conversation!


This event will take place November 13th – November 17th. After that the conversation will be closed but the thread will still be searchable for you to come back to. Make sure that you are logged into Snow Globe to ensure replies are enabled.


During this event, we would like to discuss all things related to Snow Automation Platform and this is open to all members of the community. To get you started here are some things to think about:


  • Are you able to find the documentation that you need?
  • Is there any information that is missing that you would find helpful?
  • Are there any configuration settings you need help with?
  • Do you need help with certain reports?
  • What best practices should I be thinking about?


This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from the Snow Team.