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URL/Hyperlink in Excel

Question asked by Florian Advocate on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Jonathan

I am trying to put into an excel report a column containing an hyperlink to the edit view of a license, e.g.
The desired behavior is that the edit view of the license with ID10 should open in a new tab of the browser by clicking the link in Excel.
In another browser tab there is already running a instance of Snow License Manager.
The situation now is that after clicking the link in Excel there is opened a new tab in the browser pointing to this URL:
The question is why the link is redirected to the default page?
If I manually open a new tab and put the full link in the adress bar the license edit view is opened.



Does anybody have already implemented such direct hyperlinks in Excel successfully? 
Are there additional parameters for the URL available? For example, open the link in the current browser session of Snow License Manager.

Thank you!