How does Snow determine the workstations which have individually subcomponent of Office not the part of Suite?

Discussion created by McCormick Advocate on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by mark.potts

I have to create a report of all the computers/servers which have subcomponent of Microsoft Office installed which are not the part of Suite. Let's understand thru an example:


I need to get the workstations/ servers details where:

1- Microsoft Office 2007 Professional suite installed

2- Individual subcomponent of Office 2007 Professional installed let's say Excel 2007 Professional.  


So when I search computers which have application name "Excel 2007 Professional " installed, result returns me the list of computers which have Office 2007 Professional suite as well + Excel 2007 Professional, which is kind of duplicate data.


There are other ways where I can play with Excel and get the result but I am looking for any custom report / query. any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.