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Auto Connect Rules - According to primary user

Question asked by NGA10 on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by NGA10

Hi folks,


Most of our sites have one business unit per site, so we are able to assign an endpoint to a business unit based on the computer name which starts with a site code.


However we have a small number of sites where there are multiple business units on that site which we wish to account for separately. We have looked at computer names, IP ranges etc. as ways of filtering the business units but it does not produce the desired level of accuracy.


We are therefore looking to assign a computer endpoint to a business unit based on their primary (most frequent) user. I have assigned users to the business unit using auto connect rules on a per-user basis. I have also selected within that business unit an auto connect rule as below. The documentation which I can find on auto connect rules does not explain the behaviour of this rule. My hope was that, for this business unit, it would assign computers to the business unit based on users who belong to that business unit being the primary/most frequent user. However that has not happened.


Is there anyone on the forum who has done this? Thanks and regards, Nick.