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Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 Professional Trial

Question asked by Ty on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Björn

Hello all,

This may be for Snow to assist with if possible, but does anyone know how Snow recognises trial versions of software please?

Users including myself have downloaded trials version of Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 Professional (from the Adobe website), but rather than appearing as a trial version within Snow (with no license required, as it should do) it is appearing as a full version ‘Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 Professional’.

We are also experiencing problems with removal of the product and have tried using the standard Windows uninstallation method, Adobe removal tools and have also tried to remove SWID tags, yet this application still appears to be showing on user's machines. 

I have also tried to remove this product (and it does not appear within a Windows search on my device)...yet within Snow the products against my device are now showing as ‘Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 Professional’ (Installations) and also ‘Adobe Acrobat DC Professional Trial’ (no license required), which is quite odd.

If anyone has had similar issues and could advise, it would be appreciated. Perhaps Snow Recognition needs to be looked at for this particular product version.