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Virtual server/Microsoft licensing

Question asked by DanielV on Dec 13, 2017



I'm new to SNOW and need to know the "rules" around assigning Microsoft licenses to virtual machines.  We have a large estate and will need to ensure the licenses are assigned accordingly and I'm finding it hard to find anything that spells out how each type of MS server licences needs to dealt with within SNOW.


I understand that the datacentre licenses need to be added to the hosts within clusters, however, we have other instances where we don't have a DC license and have core/proc based license, so I need to know the correct way of allocating these to the required assets.


I have managed to create a compliance report for my pilot location, however, this required a fair amount of effort, so before I ask the local teams to apply the same logic to their assets, I wanted to check to see if there was anything available to refer to so that I can crosscheck what I have done.


Any guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,