Top 10 Autodesk Compliance errors

Discussion created by Mikko.Summala on Dec 22, 2017

Key reasons why your Autodesk compliance might not be accurate


1. Autodesk software package installed from incorrect build
• most common problem
• standalone installation using network licenses
• trial software not removed before commercial use begins
• bundle component installed separately, not as bundle
• check installation type


2. Entitlement data old or incomplete
• Not all agreements and licenses counted for
• Expired contracts will reduce compliance, even if you have correct licenses


3. Incorrect License data
• Licenses are not uploaded correctly
• Licenses are not restricted to correct OU or users
• License metric is wrong


4. Licence allocation issues

• one of the most common problems
• OU/Country/Operating Company
• User type incorrect


5. Agreement or maintenance periods missing, expired or wrong

• any erroneous period will reduce your compliance, even if you have the licenses
• watch out for master contact expiring before individual subscriptions or software maintenance contracts
• maintenance periods not correctly imported to agreement data
• maintenance period expired


6. Subscription periods missing, expired or wrong
• subscription periods not correctly imported to agreement data
• subscription period expired
• subscription types wrong


7. Upgrade/downgrade rights
• make sure you’re edited all your applications with correct upgrade/downgrade rights
• if a (perpetual) license has active maintenance contract the downgrade rights are “Current + 3x”, i.e. you can have the current and any of the previous three versions installed at the same time
• if you’re maintenance contract for a license has expired, you’re allowed only the latest installed version remain on the computer and ALL other versions removed within 120 days
• Different rights apply to software subscriptions


8. Cross edition rights
• allow higher value bundle to downgrade so licenses are consumed in the most cost-effective order
• remember to tick the correct box to allow cross edition rights where applicable
• works from higher to lower, i.e. Ultimate > Premium > Standard


9. Bundle behaviour
• bundle components installed separately, hence not recognised as “part of bundle”
• this leads to increased license requirement and unconsumed bundle licenses


10. Discovery data issues
• sometimes the discovery either misses some information or reports it incorrectly
• this can result from a variety of conditions, including old agent version, old OS not supporting current PowerShell version, Autodesk scripts not working correctly
• if you suspect this, report it back to Snow and we will our best to examine and remedy the issue.



More information and guidance on managing Autodesk estate on Snow Licence manager can be found here: Autodesk on-boarding and best practice