Disruption and Innovation

Discussion created by Elenakretova23 on Dec 20, 2017

Cloud technology has shifted how computing power is generated and consumed. In so doing, it changes the IT operating model for enterprises. Complex and inflexible IT systems prevent enterprises from scaling quickly and speeding new capabilities to market.

The typical 80 percent that IT spends to keep the lights on won’t cut it. CIOs face a service delivery gap because business needs have far outpaced IT’s ability to deliver or support new services. And for many organizations this gap widens with every passing week. The cloud addresses the situation by:

Reducing costs. Dell Boomi Training Compute power is consumed in an OpEx “pay by the drink” model that drives down costs while increasing the ability to scale.
Offering real-time information across channels. This makes for more productive employees and happier customers.
Boosting collaboration. The cloud makes it easy for groups and communities to work together in ways not previously possible.
Increasing agility. Rapid hosting and deployment helps businesses quickly adjust to meet demands and exploit opportunities.