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Snow Inventory Agent - Metering mechanism

Question asked by Viktors Advocate on Dec 29, 2017
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I have a question regarding agent metering process. 

Is there extension's list, which is supported by Inventory Agent?

For example, there are extensions, which are included in predefined agent configuration:



From the agent's instruction I have got this information:

The primary focus of metering is desktop applications. Metering of usage is performed whenever a
Windows process is running. Processes are measured whether the application is open on the
desktop or running in the background.

And from "All Snow Inventory Agent 5 Settings with Detailed Explanations" this:

Optional element. May be specified multiple times.
If software is to be included it must match one of the file types specified.
Uses wildcard matching.
Example for Linux, OSX & Unix systems: ELF*executable* Example for Windows systems: sys2

Does it mean, that I can provide (theoretically) <FileType>*</FileType> to meter all file extensions? (eg. vbs, jobs, etc.)


I am asking for this information to compare Snow metering option with SCCM (which provides metering information only for .exe extensions).


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