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Understanding executable definitions

Question asked by DavidHobbs Advocate on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by DavidHobbs

When executable definition rules get created in the global database, we notice that several different formats get used, as an example, this is what we see for Notepad++ v6 (as seen in the SLM SMACC):


Some use just the name of the executable (notepad++.exe), others start with just a % wildcard (%notepad++.exe), while yet others use wildcard-and-backslash (%\notepad++.exe). On top of that, it's also interesting to see that some use the full path with no wildcard.


Does anybody understand why all these different variations exist?  Are they all equally valid? It's something we'd like to get a better understanding of. Perhaps different people have just used different styles over time? It would be interesting to know. Thanks.