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SPE - Block agent communication

Question asked by Viktors Advocate on Jan 10, 2018
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Have a question about blocking agent's communication with Snow Inventory server. I have an example for SPE version of Snow Software:

Case - there is the customer created in SMACC with a active agreement for SLM. Customer deploys inventory agents in his infrastructure for data gathering (AD, manual etc.).

Agents are configured to send data directly to the Master Server, not to the Service Gateway (base endpoint address is provided).

After customer agreement expiration, I will not be able to see data in SLM, but inventory agents still communicate with Master Server.


What are the best practises to cut off agent's communication with Master Server, to avoid population for Snow Inventory database? 


There are some ideas form my side:

  1. Use Service Gateway for each customer, and after customer's agreement expiration, ask to customer uninstall SG.
  2. Generate unique DNS names for each customer and use them in Master Server as an alternate endpoint.


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