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Enterprise Agreement for Unlimited Usage Best Practices?

Question asked by srmorris Advocate on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by jeroen.frikken

Good Morning,


Before I ask my question I would like to thank the Snow Globe community for all the collaborative information I have received. For us who are deep in leg work of this solution, it can be frustrating but I gain relief from knowing I am not the only one. That being said....


We recently entered a three year enterprise agreement with a vendor which entitles us to unlimited installations and users across our system. What is the best practice for representing this in Snow License Manager?


I have two approaches but I see flaws in both:

1. Change the License Metric to no license required. Add an agreement for the products with a date reminder for when the enterprise agreement is ending. The flaw in this approach is that when my CIO asks for a list of applications which require a license this product would not be represented in it's actual form.

2. Add an agreement with licenses as normal practice but make the license quantity that could never be exceeded (example: 999,999,999). I do not like this approach because it will not be able to calculate the cost per usage which will tell us throughout the agreement whether the enterprise agreement was used enough to make financial savings from doing individual license counts.


I am looking for something that would keep the coverage count the same as the license count for a constant compliance of zero. Then the cost per license can be calculated as Snow already does.


Thank you.