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Does the SLM search use % the same way SMACC does?

Question asked by StevenBC on Jan 11, 2018
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Question asked by Steven Calkins on Jan 11, 2018

When I type a term like e.g. "% tty?? %" (without quotes) into the search for users I get 41 tty sessions that do not need to be scanned. When I include the identical "% tty?? %" (without quotes) into the comma-separated list in  USER_EXCLUSION parameter of the Basic Settings in SMACC, after the scan these TTY sessions are still not filtered out. What am I doing wrong?


Here is my USER_EXCLUSION expression from SMACC:


%NoLoggedOn%,% tty?? %,%nobody%,%Restorer


How long can this expression be?