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License renewal - Add additional licenses

Question asked by BBrijl on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by anders.fagerstrom

Hello everybody,


I have a question about license renewal and adding additional licenses for Sophos Endpoint Protection licenses.


We have currenty 60 of those licenses and the support ends this month. We have renewed theses licenses and upped the number to 100 licenses. My question: what is the prefered method for implementing this change in SLM? I can edit the current license and add a new period, but then I have to change the quantity from 60 to 100. I can also add a new license with the new quantity and support period.....


I have 1 other question: for these licenses each server / installation requires 4 licenses. So, we used to have licenses for 15 servers / installations and now we have them for 25 servers / installations. Is there a way to tell SLM this ratio? Because now the compliance calculation is not entirely correct of course.


Thanks a lot for the help guys!