server endpoint is chosen randomly..

Discussion created by lambert on Jan 23, 2018
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i don't know if this is the right place to start a feature request discussion...


we are a multinational company with many sites around the world - some are connected directly to the corporate MPLS network, others are connected via internet. Very few (small offices) do not have any own network. Therefore i established a 3-tier service gateway hierarchy:


- local network service gateway (large sites with >500 devices or separated network segments)

- corporate network service gateway (corporate network connectd devices)

- internet service gateway (not corporate network connected devices and fallback (eg. travelling devices)


my idea was: put all 3 Service Gateways in the Endpoint list of the SNOW Agent - the desired behavior should be to start with the local endpoint then with the corporate endpoint and if all fail,  then with the internet endpoint.


PROBLEM: as documented below: The SNOW Agent choses the endpoint RANDOMLY, and uses this connection as long as the session is up. (the internet endpoint is always available, therefore this could be the "standard" connection, but this should be only the 3rd option, if everything else fails)


Does anyone else have a similar situation?